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Intresting Zoo

November 25, 2008

I took days off and went to zoo the other day with Miracle. I will leave the task of blogging about the trip to my beloved wife. Other than the usual run-down-low-maintenance-attitude from the zoo keepers, I have a few interesting things in the zoo.

1) Wild Boar
For those who don’t know what is wild boar, it simply means ‘babi hutan’ in malay. I was surprised to see that our zoo features ‘babi hutan’.


2) Illegal Batteries
My digital camera was running out of batteries and I bought a pair of AAA batteries from one of the shop in the zoo. I noticed that the texts are in Korean and guess what – the back portion states “Illegal for sale outside Korea”. So, I guess I’m a culprit by purchasing the batteries.

3) Survival Gauge

I found there’s a gauge (meter) at every sign board for each animal. There are three levels – common, endangered and extinct. For each level, there is a degree of gauge. For example, the wild boar is gauged as “common” but it’s near to “endangered”.

What I am curious is the ‘extinct’ level. Can you really exhibit or keep an extinct animal in the zoo? The fact that it is ‘extinct’ means ‘no longer in existence’. How can you exhibit an animal that is ‘no longer in existence’?

Also, there is a level of degree for the ‘extinct’ level. I guess the sign board is trying to tell whether the animal is ‘less extinct’ or ‘very extinct’. Just like the movie “Pink Panther”, the investigator asked “how fatal is the wound?” when ‘fatal’ mean ‘ending in death’.

4) Malaysia Book of Record
As I walk pass the huge glass door displaying all the medals, I noticed that there are lots of medal from Malaysia Book of Record. I was curious of why there are more than 20 medals for our national zoo. The first medal reads “Largest Zoo in Malaysia” and the rest of the medals read “The first to breed (the species of animal) in captivity”. My mind responded “yea, lame”. However, the made-in-Korea battery also died off and therefore, I didn’t manage to take a photo of all these ‘The first to breed…” medals. Anyway, you won’t be interested to see it either.


Malay leadership recognised in the world

November 20, 2008


19 November 2008:   Sinar Harian reported:
The fact that the United States has taken steps similar to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s economic formula in tackling the 1997 financial crisis proves that Malay leadership is recognised in the world.

The minute I read this statement, my heart jumped out with a big “WHAT!?” Just because United States has taken steps SIMILAR to Tun Dr Mahathir’s method in tackling financial crisis proves that Malay leadership is recoqnised? By the ways, United Stated took SIMILAR method, not EXACTLY.

What does Malay has to do with this topic anyway? It’s Tun Dr Mahathir who is recognized, not Malay. If that is the case, why not ‘Malaysian leadership recoqnised’? Isn’t Tun Dr Mahathir a Malaysian?

If this is the argument, I assume that:
1)  African leadership is also recognized since Obama (the first Afro-American president of the United States) won the presidential election few weeks ago.
2) Chinese leadership is also recognized in the world since they hold the historic Beijing Olympic 2008
3) Indian leadership is also recoqnised since so many Mother Teresa aid center has been set up all over the world

I am not against the Malay nor am I a racist. My point is this: it’s the person who is recoqnised, not the race. I believe that it will be better to make the headline “MALAYSIAN leadership recoqnised” and it will make all Malaysian proud, whether Malay, Chinese, Indian and the many races in our country.

Miracle’s Bear Friend

November 6, 2008


Lat weekend, Miracle’s Kai Yeh came back to K.L. and he brought a gift for her. It’s a sift toy and Miracle usually don’t play with soft toy. She likes car, interactive toys and jumping around all day long. However, she is quite happy with her new toy and she ‘made friend’ with it quite well. Here’s the video of their friendship:

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