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Nose Picking

June 30, 2008

Have you ever picked your nose?
I sincerely believe that since Adam and Eve, every human being (and apes) has been picking their nose (and other’s also). Can you live without picking your nose? Imagine reading news headline “Die of nose block due to lack of nose picking habit”

Do you think that nose-picking is common in adults?
Not only to adult, it is common to babies, toddlers, elderly and yes.. even our distant relatives, the apes and monkeys”

How often do you pick your nose? (daily, weekly, monthly)
How often do you scratch your back? Whenever it inches lar!

How much time do you spend nose-picking?
As long as it feels good, keep on digging. Why limit the indulgence of nose picking? Do you know that in average, a normal human being will dig their nose 4 times a day? If you’re not digging it 4 times a day, you’re not normal!!
* Hey! Why not dedicate a day call “NosePick Day”? It will be an international day for picking your nose publicly. Cool!

Why do you do it (Unclog the nasal passages,to relieve discomfort or itchiness,to avoid the unsightly appearance of a booger hanging from my nose, personal hygiene,out of habit)?
It’s a God given talent to extract mucus (whether dried or wet) and/or foreign objects (whether bog or small) from the from the nose. It’s a fun habit to cultivate.

Which finger do you use?
Whichever finger that is usable. Have you tried the thumb? Or even better, get someone else to do it. Do you know that King Tut had a personal nose picker? It’s cool to be a king, huh?(click here)

How do you dispose of the goop? (tissue, hanky, floor, stuck it to furniture, eat)
Depending on where I am.
If I’m driving – it’s fun to flick the nasal secretions outside toward an oncoming vehicle. It take skills to aim, ya know.
If I’m on my desk – since the nasal secretion can be sticky, why not stick it underneath your colleague’s desk?
If I’m hungry – anyone know what your nasal secretion tastes like?

If I’m bored – make a new record of how much nasal secretions you can collect within a minute
If I’m sad – have you seen a man picking nose while laughing or crying?
If I’m meeting new people – it can be a gift transfered via hand shake

and the list can go on…

My point is this: You can pick your nose anytime, anywhere, anyhow.
Be creative and be innovative. We may also have nose picking competition, rite?!



June 30, 2008

Entertainingly Wrong

June 20, 2008

Kids, don’t try this at home… or shall I say, at your streets

Superman vs Doomsday (Part 1)

June 18, 2008

Not many knows who Doomsday is, but watch this video. I will post another video and you will know why Doomsday is an important supervillain you should know.

Indian Superman Bollywood Style

June 18, 2008

Would you get paid to act in such a movie?

Farewell to my first guy

June 18, 2008
When I opened my eyes to behold this world from my mother’s womb, I saw this guy who visited me when I’m few days old. I saw him again on the day I celebrated my full moon.

He is the first guy who came in a superbike to visit me every Monday nights and most of the Thursdays thereafter. He would take the hassle against all storms and rains over 50km from the
northest north to the southest south of Klang Valley just to
visit me.

When my dad never said anything, he was the first to scold at my table manner in my 13 month’s life. He was the first to let me taste my first ever KFC drumstick.

Of all the morning and afternoon walks my grandparents & my
parents brought me, he was the first guy from outside my
immediate family who took me out. He is also the first guy who
gave me a flower. I am amazed on how good he was at making that hibiscus into a flower lantern.

Other than my dad, he is the first to insert my photos in his blog and mentioned me so much to his peers. Thanks to him, many knew good things about me even before they saw me personally.

He is also the first guy who sits me on a piano, leading my tiny fingers through the piano paddles in his church when my dad don’t even allow me to go on my church’s pulpit. The first melodious music I’ve ever heard from a piano was played by him. He was the first piano partner I had in my early stage of life.

Sadly, the first melodious song I heard is play at his farewell gathering. I am almost sure that the tunes of that beautiful melody he played that night accompanied me as my lullaby every
night. I don’t know when I can hear that beautiful piece of music again, but I am looking to learn from great piano lessons from that guy who is my beloved godfather.

To my dearly loved godfather: you are always in my baby talk prayer. I pray that God’s peace, protection, provision and anointing will be with you always.

Miracle Leong

(all words are coined with the help of my handsome dad)

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